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AGE: 32
WEIGHT: 125 lbs
STATS: 36C 25 36
HAIR: Blonde
EYES: Blue
NOTES: Mishel is a very attractive lady. She is a GFE. Men only.Be sure to check out Our Duos Page

AGE: 25
WEIGHT: 120 lbs
STATS: 36C 27 32
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Brown
NOTES: Savannah is very attractive lady, that likes to have fun. Tru GFE. Men/Women/CouplesBe sure to check out Our Duos Page

AGE: 23
WEIGHT: 130 lbs
STATS: 36C 27 36
HAIR: Auburn
EYES: Blue
NOTES: Serenity is an attractive young lady, not a GFE. She entertains Men and Couples.Be sure to check out Our Duos Page

AGE: 19
WEIGHT: 125 lbs
STATS: 36C 29 36
HAIR: Blonde
EYES: Blue
NOTES: Alyssa is an attractive young lady with dance experience. Very out going, and knows how to have fun. Men, Couples and Duos Be sure to check out Our Duos Page

TatyanaAGE: 27HEIGHT: 5’6WEIGHT: 130 lbsSTATS: 36C 27 36HAIR: Shoulder length Brown and RedEYES: BrownNOTES: Tatyana is an attractive lady with dance experience. New to the area, but experienced. She knows how to have fun, and aims to please! GFE, and DUOS with Alyssa. Be sure to check out Our Duos Page

AGE: 20
WEIGHT: 120 lbs
STATS: 36C 27 33HAIR: Blonde
EYES: Gree
nNOTES: Vixen is an attractive young lady who enjoys what she does. Vixen is a True GFE, she entertains Men/Couples/DuosBe sure to check out Our Duos Page

AGE: 28
WEIGHT: 120 lbs
STATS: 36B 24 34
HAIR: Light Brown
EYES: Blue
NOTES: Amber is an attractive, intelligent, and very out going lady who is open minded and enjoys spending quality time with Men, and Couples. Time spent with Amber will definately be enjoyable.
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AGE: 27
WEIGHT: 130 lbs
STATS: 36B 24 34
HAIR: 36D 29 36
EYES: Hazel
NOTES: Jersey is an attractive lady with an irish background giving her a cinnamon flair, having curves in all the right places she is definitely a jewel. Jersey is new to the business, GFE will vary.
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4 Confidence-Killing Habits You Need To Eliminate In Your Daily Life

Efren GarzaEfren Garza

Efren Garza

Do you have any bad habits?

Is there anything you do on regularly that makes you cringe or feel guilty right after doing it?

Our habits are actions we consistently perform. They define us. And, that’s why is so important to analyze them on a conscious level and eliminate any “bad” habits.

I believe a “bad” habit is something that takes more than it gives. The negative consequences of performing the habit outweigh any positive benefits that it brings your way. And, this definition extends beyond habits.

I believe a relationship that takes more than it gives should similarly be eliminated — a girlfriend who causes you more stress than happiness or a buddy whose incessant whining and shaming is holding you back, for example.

But, I digress. I want to share four particularly bad habits that could kill your confidence and self-esteem, if left unchecked. And, at the end of the day, confidence is everything.

How you feel about yourself and how sure you are about your abilities directly determines how happy you are and how successful you’ll be in your career and your relationships.

Here are some things that are probably hurting you more than helping you:

1. Watching pornography

Almost every single one of us men starts masturbating to porn during our teenage years. And, it’s no wonder why — it feels amazing.

In fact, so many of us engage in this habit that it’s made research on the subject nearly impossible, as there’s not enough guys who don’t jerk it to porn to use for a control group.

However, the recent rise in popularity of the “no-fap” Internet community has revealed a whole bunch of reasons you should stop.

The main two benefits guys who have stopped are realizing is a decrease in social anxiety and the elimination of erectile dysfunction, whether that means not being able to get it up or climaxing too quickly.

The reasoning behind these negative effects is that when you watch porn, you train your body to get aroused by pixels on a computer screen instead of the touch and feel of a real woman.

And, what are the benefits? I can only think of two: sexual education and the pleasure of an orgasm. But, most men who watch porn have seen enough to have learned their fair share about sexual techniques that quitting shouldn’t negate the benefit.

And, you can masturbate without porn to achieve the second. So, is watching other people have sex on a screen really worth it, guys?

2. Engaging in social media

We all engage in social media to some extent. It allows you to stay in contact with distant friends and share what you’re up to. But, it’s all too easy to tie your sense of self-worth to your social media “game.”

What I mean by this is that we’re all validation-seeking beings by default. We love recognition. It makes us feel “good” and important. And so, posting a pic of you riding a camel in Africa and receiving 100 likes can fulfill this need.

Now, in the selfie age in which we live, this is a bigger problem with women. But, I see guys doing it, too.

I’m not suggesting you delete your Facebook and Instagram profiles immediately, but rather, manage how much time and effort you dedicate to them. Try to only do the “newsfeed scroll” once a day to help your brain unplug from the social media matrix.

3. Playing video games

Playing video games is a form of escapism. It allows you to escape the real world, even if just for a moment. Whether you’re LeBron James in “NBA 2K” or a badass mercenary in “Call of Duty,” it can feel damn good to dominate with the controllers.

And, escapist hobbies are good — to an extent. Getting away from the day-to-day grind is healthy in limited doses. It’s like a form of mild meditation. But, there’s a huge danger of over-consumption, the same as with social media.

You have to draw the line somewhere or you’ll risk becoming that guy who ties his own self-worth and sense of achievement to how quickly he can level up his “WoW” character.

You don’t want to look forward to playing video games more than you look forward actually doing things and experiencing the world.

Grabbing a beer with buddies, going rock-climbing, hitting the gym or reading a good book aren’t things that should take second station to firing up the Xbox.

4. Watching extensive TV

This habit is more-or-less “bad” for the same reasons as playing videos games. Using television shows to escape the world and immerse yourself in an alternate reality is healthy in small doses, but you don’t want to be the guy who talks about Hurley from “Lost” like he’s your real pal.

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More Americans Are Using Mobile Phones While Watching TV


Watching TV

Thanks to the growth of smartphone adoption, about half of U.S. mobile phone owners use their devices while watching TV, a new study suggests.

According to a Pew Internet & American Life Project report, cellphone users not only look up information online in real time and keep themselves occupied during commercials via their handheld devices, they are also interacting with friends.

About 23% of cellphone users send text messages to others watching the same show in a different location. Other popular “connected” activities include looking up information mentioned on TV (20% have done so in the last 30 days), posting comments online about a show (11%), playing on phones during commercials (38%) and voting for a reality show contestant (6%).

The study — which was conducted among 2,254 American adults ages 18 and older — also revealed that men and women are just as glued to their phones while watching TV (52%). The most popular age demographics are mobile device users ages 18 to 24 (81%), followed by ages 25 to 34 (72%).

Meanwhile, those living in households earning $50,000 each year or more are more likely to participate in interactive television experiences. African American cellphone owners (59%) are also more likely to use mobile devices than Caucasian users (50%).

Those living in urban environments are also more likely to embrace an interactive TV experience than those in rural areas.

Do you think mobile phones enhance the television experience, or are they just distracting? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Image courtesy of iStockphoto, tomispin.

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Marvel Reveals Badass New Looks At “Captain America,” “Thor” And “Guardians”

Little by little, Marvel is revealing the second phase of its movie universe.

At the D23 Expo in Anaheim on Saturday, studio president Kevin Feige introduced new video footage of Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Guardians of the Galaxy, the quirky new film starring Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana and John C. Reilly. And a digital raccoon.

With stars from each movie on stage — and all all receiving massive applause from the 4,000 Disney fans in attendance — sizzle reels and early clips played on the massive arena screen.

Thor was first up, first with the clip shown at Comic-Con last month and then a new clip that featured Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster in her first visit to Asgard. She’s ill and inside a healing tube — reminiscent of that last birthing scene in Star Wars: Episode III — but presumably, things work out a lot better for her this time around. She teases Thor about the fact that his dad — played by Anthony Hopkins, who like Portman was on stage during the presentation — knew her name.

“You told your dad about me?” she cracked… before he commanded Thor to let her die, which is a terrible move by a prospective father-in-law.

Hiddleston was also here — he didn’t sing this time — but he wasn’t in costume, like at Comic-Con.

Here’s the official plot: Thor: The Dark World continues the big-screen adventures of Thor, the Mighty Avenger, as he battles to save Earth and all the Nine Realms from a shadowy enemy that predates the universe itself. In the aftermath of Thor and The Avengers Thor fights to restore order across the cosmos…but an ancient race led by the vengeful Malekith returns to plunge the universe back into darkness. Faced with an enemy that even Odin and Asgard cannot withstand, Thor must embark on his most perilous and personal journey yet, one that will reunite him with Jane Foster and force him to sacrifice everything to save us all.

Up next was The Winter Soldier, which featured a visit from Cap himself, Chris Evans, as well as Anthony Mackie — he plays The Falcon — and Sebastian Stan, whose Bucky Barnes evidently survived that brutal crash in the first movie. Not without some major damage, though.

Feige showed a few other clips, including one with Cap being surrounded in an elevator by Frank Grillo and a bunch of government strongmen. Guess who wins?

Robert Redford, who plays Alexander Pierce in the movie, gives a speech about how sometimes, you’ve got to tear down old institutions to make a better world, which presents some moral quandaries for old school hero, who objects to a lot of the fear mongering being done by S.H.I.E.L.D. and Samuel L. Jackson.

In the other clip, Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow tries to set up Cap with some of her girlfriends, kicking some ass all the while. Romance is brewing, it seems.

The plot: “After the cataclysmic events in New York with The Avengers, Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier finds Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, living quietly in Washington, D.C. and trying to adjust to the modern world. But when a S.H.I.E.L.D. colleague comes under attack, Steve becomes embroiled in a web of intrigue that threatens to put the world at risk. Joining forces with the Black Widow, Captain America struggles to expose the ever-widening conspiracy while fighting off professional assassins sent to silence him at every turn. When the full scope of the villainous plot is revealed, Captain America and the Black Widow enlist the help of a new ally, the Falcon. However, they soon find themselves up against an unexpected and formidable enemy—the Winter Soldier.”

The Guardians footage had been shown at Comic-Con, and with just a few more weeks of production gone by, they didn’t show anything else. But good news: Chris Pratt is hilarious and flips the audience the finger.

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Here’s What’s Happening With The British Vote To Recognize Palestine


The British government released a White Paper 75 years ago that promoted the creation of a Jewish national home in Palestine. Back then, it was British mandatory Palestine. Less than a decade later, it was no longer Palestine at all.

In 1948, this land became the infant state of Israel, which would grow to reach big heights. Ever since, a conflict has raged in the region between the displaced peoples of Palestine and the newcomers with land, politics and ideology at its core.

Accords have been signed and scrapped while numerous peace processes have failed fruition, but most importantly, away from the meeting room on the ground level, the death toll has been rising.

On October 13, British lawmakers voted in favor of recognizing a Palestinian state. This comes as a new attempt to reach a peace settlement between the two warring factions following the failure of talks the United States led earlier this year.

The vote was streamed live on BBC Parliament and The Times Of Israel quickly made the transcript available. The motion that won 274 to 12 was “that this House believes that the Government should recognize the state of Palestine alongside the state of Israel as a contribution to securing a negotiated two-state solution.”

The man behind the motion was Labour MP Grahame Morris who said during the Commons debate that a vote in favor would be “small but symbolically important” for the advancement of peace talks. And, the win is just that.

It is symbolically important because it is a fair reflection of much of the thinking prevalent across Britain and Europe right now. But, it is small, nonetheless, as it does not alter the government’s stance on the situation.

Within the 56 percent of the Commons who chose to abstain was Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron and his Liberal Democrat, Deputy Nick Clegg.

A spokesman for Nick Clegg dismissed it as a “backbench debate.” David Cameron’s official spokesman said, “The government’s position is very clear and hasn’t changed, so I think that is a very clear indication of the British government’s approach.” Is it?

That rehearsed statement from the Prime Minister’s office is reflective of the fact that the result will not alter government policy. The result is non-binding.

While the British government claims to favor the two-state solution, it reserves the right to recognize when it feels it will benefit the peace process.

To recognize now may appear to impose such a solution, unilaterally, as opposed to achieving it bilaterally, through negotiations.

A statement from the Israeli Foreign Ministry called the vote “premature.” British journalist Melanie Phillips went so far as to describe the vote as “nutty” in an opinion piece titled, “Recognising Palestine won’t promote peace.” Well, I contend that it is neither premature, nor nutty.

Last summer saw yet another battle between the Israelis’ and Palestinians’ flare in the territory.

This represented the latest of a string of confrontations that have been ongoing for 60 years and are collectively referred to as the Arab-Israeli conflict. (There was also the 1948 War of Independence, the Suez Crisis of 1956 and the 1967 Six-Day War, to list a few others.)

But, with this most recent war that took place over the summer, global awareness of the situation was rekindled and on August 9 in London, 150,000 people marched on Hyde Park in support of Gaza.

The mass gathering organized by the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign and other such groups is a good example of British public opinion vis-à-vis the Palestinians, and the majority vote in favor of recognizing Palestinian statehood is another.

Earlier this month, new Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven announced that the Scandinavian nation will recognize Palestine.

While the Commons’ vote is by no means the British equivalent, it runs in the same vein. And, if not officially, it gives the Palestinian Authority some form of hope for a brighter future defined not by rejection, but by acceptance.

Sources: BBC/The Times of Israel, Photo Courtesy: Denis Danze

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Top 10 Christmas Books

Nothing quite celebrates the feeling of the Holiday season like an engrossing and wonderful book. Many stories have been written about Christmas and Santa Claus, but very few of those take the theme and make it into something truly special and important. Here are ten of the finest examples. Be sure to post your favorites in the comments.

10. The Greatest Story Ever Told Fulton Oursler


In this highly regarded 1949 account about the life of Jesus, Oursler imbued the New Testament gospels with life, embellishing them with descriptive detail, dialog and personality. The compelling fictionalized narrative remains faithful to the scriptures throughout. The author captures the essence of the compassionate, yet forceful Son of God and his mission amidst the political, religious and social turmoil of the early first century. This program’s messages are timeless and ever relevant and will have wide appeal.

9. The Polar Express Chris Van Allsburg


It tells the story of a young boy on Christmas Eve, patiently lying in bed. Suddenly, a magical train called the Polar Express pulls up in front of his house, and the boy is invited to journey to the North Pole. The train is filled with many other children, all dressed in their pajamas. As the train reaches the North Pole, the boy and the other children see thousands of elves gathered at the center of town to send Santa on his way. The boy is handpicked by Santa Claus to receive the first gift of Christmas. Realizing that he could choose anything in the world, the boy asks for one beautiful-sounding silver bell from Santa’s sleigh. The boy places the bell in the pocket of his robe and all the children watch as Santa takes off for his yearly delivery. Later, on the train, the boy discovers that the bell has fallen through a hole in his pocket. On Christmas morning, his sister finds a small present wrapped under the tree, behind all of the other gifts. The boy opens the box and discovers that it is the bell, delivered by Santa, who found it on the seat of his sleigh. When the boy rings the bell, both he and his sister marvel at the beautiful sound. His parents, however, are unable to hear the bell and remark that it must be broken. However, those who believe can hear it.

8. The Christmas Tree Judy Salamon


The chief gardener at Rockefeller Center dreads Christmas because one of his responsibilities is the selection of the center’s giant Christmas tree, which is not an easy job. Thus, he is thrilled one spring to have found the perfect tree so early, and foresees no problem in persuading the nuns who own the property on which the tree stands to let him have it. Then he meets Sister Anthony, who came to the convent as a young orphan and made a close friend of the Norway Spruce she calls “Tree.”

7. The Crippled Lamb Max Lucado


Joshua the Lamb is crippled, so the other animals leave him behind in the stable. His tears of loneliness turn to joy, however, when he realizes that because of his difference, he gets to be right there when Jesus is born! From the classic art to the surprise ending, this tender story will help all children see that God has a very special plan for their lives.

6. The Christmas Box Richard Paul Evans


The story relates how a young couple, Richard (who narrates) and Keri, accept a position to care for a lonely widow, Mary Parkin, in her spacious Victorian mansion. As Christmas draws near, Mary becomes anxious about Richard’s obsession with success and his failure to make time for his family. She urges him to reconsider his priorities, but he is always too busy to heed her advice. It is only when Mary is on her deathbed, and her secret sorrow is revealed through the letter-laden Christmas box of the title, that Richard realizes what she has been trying to tell him. The message concerns love, of course, and the strings Evans pulls to vivify it should squeeze sobs from even the stoniest of hearts.

5. The Best Christmas Pageant Ever Barbara Robinson


Year after year a small town puts on their re-telling of the Christmas Story from the Bible, and year after year it’s always the same. Alice Wendleken is always Mary while Elmer Hopkins, son of the minister, is always Joseph. But this year that changes. After the usual director, Ms. Helen Armstrong, breaks her leg, housewife Grace Bradley steps up to direct. This is bad news for her children, Beth and Charlie, who are always in the pageant, but never want to be, as well as her husband Bob, who puts his best effort into staying home for the pageant. But things get even worse. The Herdmans (Ralph, Imogene, Leroy, Ollie, Claude and Gladys), who are deemed the worst kids in the world, find out about the pageant after Charlie tells Leroy that it doesn’t matter if he steals his lunch because he can get refreshments at Sunday School. The Herdmans show up and get all the leading roles because no one wants to be anywhere near them. During the weeks leading up to the show all of the rehearsals are a disaster. And just as it looks like the pageant would be terrible as well, the Herdmans seem to pull their act together to turn it into the Best Christmas Pageant Ever.

4. One Wintry Night Ruth Bell Graham


In a complex, lengthy picture book for older readers, an injured mountain boy, caught in a snowstorm at Christmastime, is taken in by a woman who lives in a log home the boy’s grandfather helped build years before. After the snowbound pair become acquainted and the grandfather is notified of the boy’s whereabouts, the woman launches into a telling of the Christmas story–beginning with the Creation and ending with the Resurrection. The setup seems awkward, but once the main story gets under way, things become more believable. Watson’s artwork is unusually arresting, offering plenty of visual subtext to support the ambitious undertaking, which is actually a condensed retelling of the entire Bible. The double-spread Nativity scene truly commands attention, particularly the striking face of the young girl Anna, who has come to see the Christ child.

3. Twas The Night Before Christmas Clement Moore


The poem, ‘A Visit From St. Nickolas’ (also known as ‘The Night Before Christmas’, and ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas’ (from its first line), first published in 1823, is largely responsible for the contemporary American conception of Santa Claus, including his physical appearance, the night of his visit, his mode of transportation, the number and first-ever printing of the names of his reindeer, and his delivery of toys to children.

2. How The Grinch Stole Christmas Dr. Seuss


The Grinch, whose heart is two sizes too small, hates Who-ville’s holiday celebrations, and plans to steal all the presents to prevent Christmas from coming. To his amazement, Christmas comes anyway, and the Grinch discovers the true meaning of the holiday.

1. A Christmas Carol Charles Dickens


A Christmas Carol is a Victorian morality tale of an old and bitter miser, Ebenezer Scrooge, who undergoes a profound experience of redemption over the course of one evening. Mr Scrooge is a financier/money-changer, who has devoted his life to the accumulation of wealth. He holds anything other than money in contempt, including friendship, love and the Christmas season. In keeping with the musical analogy of the title, A Christmas Carol, Dickens divides his literary work into five “staves” instead of chapters. This is a little joke Dickens has carried out throughout the story, it adds humour to the story and links in, because a stave is something you will find in a piece of music, and a “carol” is a type of music/song.

Contributor: StewWriter

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28 Times You Wanted To Punch Your Computer For Being Stupid

01000110 01010101 01000011 01001011 01011001 01001111 01010101 00100001

1. When you start up your computer and for some reason, IT JUST DOESN’T LOAD.

28 Times You Wanted To Punch Your Computer For Being Stupid

View this image ›

You stare at that little circle thingy wondering, “how much of my life have I wasted looking at loading screens?”

2. When YouTube spits in your face:

When YouTube spits in your face:

View this image ›

3. When you encounter either of these spinning circles of death.


4. The time you wanted to delete something and accidentally turned off your computer.

The time you wanted to delete something and accidentally turned off your computer.

View this image ›

5. There’s this obnoxious message that keeps bugging you every day.

There's this obnoxious message that keeps bugging you every day.

View this image ›

Can you remind me never? I like never. Let’s try never.

6. When you’re falling asleep to a super-relaxing YouTube video and then an incredibly loud ad pops up out of nowhere.

28 Times You Wanted To Punch Your Computer For Being Stupid

View this image ›

Universal Home Video / Via

7. You’re about to livestream the most important event of the year and then this happens:

You’re about to livestream the most important event of the year and then this happens:

View this image ›

8. When a vowel on your keyboard stops working.

When a vowel on your keyboard stops working.

View this image ›

Flickr: 5oo

“If one of us falls, we all fall… together.” – Your keyboard.

9. When the most terrifying T-Rex of all time appears on your screen.

When the most terrifying T-Rex of all time appears on your screen.

View this image ›

10. When your internet gets so screwed up, it goes back in time.

When your internet gets so screwed up, it goes back in time.

View this image ›


11. When your computer asks you to “contact your administrator for assistance.”

When your computer asks you to "contact your administrator for assistance."

View this image ›

What administrator!? Who is this person!?

12. When your laptop gets so ridiculously hot on your lap that you’ll probably never have kids.

When your laptop gets so ridiculously hot on your lap that you'll probably never have kids.

View this image ›

Clint Spencer / Via

13. When your computer fan stops working and you can’t binge-watch anything on Netflix.

When your computer fan stops working and you can't binge-watch anything on Netflix.

View this image ›


14. The second you realize you just unplugged your external hard drive by mistake.

28 Times You Wanted To Punch Your Computer For Being Stupid

View this image ›

Warner Bros.

15. Ungodly buffer times.

Ungodly buffer times.

View this image ›

16. When your computer doesn’t discover your Bluetooth mouse.

When your computer doesn't discover your Bluetooth mouse.

View this image ›

Same goes for your Bluetooth keyboard.

28 Times You Wanted To Punch Your Computer For Being Stupid

View this image ›

17. The moment your computer programs go on strike.

The moment your computer programs go on strike.

View this image ›

And your “last resort” goes on strike as well.

And your "last resort" goes on strike as well.

View this image ›

21st Century Fox / Via

18. These error notifications that give you ABSOLUTELY NO INFORMATION.

These error notifications that give you ABSOLUTELY NO INFORMATION.

View this image ›

19. Every time your cursor disappears and you can never seem to find it again.

28 Times You Wanted To Punch Your Computer For Being Stupid

View this image ›

ABC / Via

20. After clicking the “REFRESH” button 113 times, you realize it won’t bring back your internet.

28 Times You Wanted To Punch Your Computer For Being Stupid

View this image ›

YG Entertainment / Via

21. Pop-ups suck in general, but these are the scum of the earth:

Pop-ups suck in general, but these are the scum of the earth:

View this image ›

22. Every time you run out of real estate on your desktop and place the blame solely on your computer.

Every time you run out of real estate on your desktop and place the blame solely on your computer.

View this image ›

23. When a computer program commands you to find a long, lost CD that you probably threw away.

When a computer program commands you to find a long, lost CD that you probably threw away.

View this image ›

Flickr: essl

24. You feel the world is going to end when your monitor starts looking like this:

You feel the world is going to end when your monitor starts looking like this:

View this image ›



View this image ›

26. The audacity your computer has to straight-up lie to your face.


27. When you realize Gmail can hold your life hostage.

When you realize Gmail can hold your life hostage.

View this image ›

28. When you wisely choose to print your midterm project one minute before it’s due and this happens:

When you wisely choose to print your midterm project one minute before it's due and this happens:

View this image ›

Flickr: essl


28 Times You Wanted To Punch Your Computer For Being Stupid

View this image ›

But we just can’t live without you.

But we just can't live without you.

View this image ›

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Group sues CSU, Planned Parenthood over tissue purchases

Here’s a bit of news that didn’t quite make it nationwide among the chaos in the House of Representatives. For as many times as Planned Parenthood has threatened to sue the Center for Medical Progress for releasing those “heavily edited” undercover videos showing organ harvesting and haggling over prices for baby parts, such a suit hasn’t materialized.

In Colorado yesterday, however, Chris McIntire, board member of the Faith & Freedom Coalition of Colorado, filed suit against Colorado State University and Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood, claiming the two organizations purchased the tissue of aborted fetuses and indirectly used tax dollars to subsidize abortions, a violation of the state constitution.

The Denver Post reports that the suit alleges that in the spring of 2010, “CSU entered into a contract with defendant Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood whereby CSU was to purchase parts of human fetuses aborted by defendant Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood.”

CSU responded to the allegations, stating that “in accordance with state and federal law, CSU obtained placental tissue from Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood for research into healthy pregnancies and also properly obtained fetal tissue from other providers for important research into curing disease. CSU denies any wrongdoing and otherwise declines to comment on pending litigation.”

Nicholas McIntyre, Executive Director of the Faith & Freedom Coalition of Colorado, appeared onAM 560 to discuss his organization’s actions.

Planned Parenthood had no comment on the lawsuit.

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Put Down the Keyboard and Pick up a Pen for Your Next Tweet


When’s the last time you wrote someone a letter? Not typed, not dictated, wrote — with a pen or pencil. Yeah, we thought so. So in honor of Wednesday, National Handwriting Day, we thought we’d provide some inspiration.

First of all, why is it National Handwriting Day? It’s the birthday of John Hancock, the first to sign the Declaration of Independence. His signature became so famous, as you probably have heard, that his name is now shorthand for any old person’s signature.

Think about how much you use the written word in your daily life. Chances are, much of your day is spent typing on a keyboard or tapping letters on a virtual keyboard while texting. Not much time to show off your lovely handwriting. In fact many of us complain our handwriting has gotten worse, due to lack of practice.

Image courtesy of Instagram, @afinkels

To celebrate the handwritten word, Moleskine, the classic notebook brand, is inviting fans to write their Facebook and Twitter status updates instead of typing them on a keyboard.

Image courtesy of Instagram, @lukerizz

After you uncramp your hand from writing, upload the image of your handwritten status to Instagram with the hashtag #mHDay (for Moleskine Handwriting Day). It will then get added to a gallery on the Moleskine Facebook page.

Take a look at these images from the gallery. If you get really inspired, why not write someone a letter or a love note? Whatever it is, make sure it’s written, not typed — just for today.

What will you be writing today?

Main image courtesy of Instagram, @jchangpr

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17 Video Game Villains That Need Their Own Game

Villains get no respect!

1. Bowser

17 Video Game Villains That Need Their Own Game

View this image ›

Though it may be seen as weird, wouldn’t it be cool to see a game with Bowser where you control him in a game about him? You could soar across Super Mario Land/World/Galazy and capture Princess Peach!

Then maybe Bowser sees the error of his ways and stops kidnapping Peach?

2. Team Rocket

17 Video Game Villains That Need Their Own Game

View this image ›

Not necessarily would you play asJesse, James or Meowth, but who else wanted to join Team Rocket as a kid while playing Pokémon Red & Blue? It’d be a much different take on the Pokémon franchise.

3. Ganondorf

17 Video Game Villains That Need Their Own Game

View this image ›

The Zelda universe has enough room in it to not have the main storyline be about Link and/or Zelda, right?

4. Robotnik

17 Video Game Villains That Need Their Own Game

View this image ›

5. Disasters in Sim City games

Disasters in Sim City games

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Sure, there’s already lots of games where you can destroy cities, but how about a game where you play as the disasters and you destroy someone else’s city?

Sounds like Clash of Clans? Eh, whatever.

6. NFL Referee in Madden

17 Video Game Villains That Need Their Own Game

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How many times have you had a super-long play go for a touchdown, and then some computer lineman holds?

Screw that! YOU be the guy that gets to throw the flags! I’m sure it would be fun…


17 Video Game Villains That Need Their Own Game

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I think you would just be annoying as the premise of the game?

8. King K Rool

King K Rool

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THIS GUY… caused me much agony in my early video game career. It would be fun to actually play as him to cause some pain to the Kong family.

9. Carmen Sandiego

Carmen Sandiego

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You’d play hide and seek!

And then wait until someone finally finds you… Hide and Seek Simulator FTW!

10. Andross

17 Video Game Villains That Need Their Own Game

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You have to shoot the Fox out of the sky! Er.. out of the space? Hm.

11. Whatever the hell this thing is

Whatever the hell this thing is

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12. “The Witch”

"The Witch"

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You play the zombie and mess up those survivors! YEAH!

13. Andariel


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Andariel freaked me out the first time I came across her in Diablo 2. I think she has the ability to take down Mephisto, Baal and Diablo!

14. Mother Brain

Mother Brain

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Now this would be a difficult concept to conjure up, but I think a guy with Mother Brain as the main character would be sick nasty.

15. The Joker

The Joker

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I think his own game would be too sadistic, however.

16. Great Mighty Poo

Great Mighty Poo

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I mean, it’d be a crap game, but still fun.

17. Rob Ford

17 Video Game Villains That Need Their Own Game

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He’s not a video game villain or even a video game character? He seems like he’s straight out of a vulgar video game…

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