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AGE: 32
WEIGHT: 125 lbs
STATS: 36C 25 36
HAIR: Blonde
EYES: Blue
NOTES: Mishel is a very attractive lady. She is a GFE. Men only.Be sure to check out Our Duos Page

AGE: 25
WEIGHT: 120 lbs
STATS: 36C 27 32
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Brown
NOTES: Savannah is very attractive lady, that likes to have fun. Tru GFE. Men/Women/CouplesBe sure to check out Our Duos Page

AGE: 23
WEIGHT: 130 lbs
STATS: 36C 27 36
HAIR: Auburn
EYES: Blue
NOTES: Serenity is an attractive young lady, not a GFE. She entertains Men and Couples.Be sure to check out Our Duos Page

AGE: 19
WEIGHT: 125 lbs
STATS: 36C 29 36
HAIR: Blonde
EYES: Blue
NOTES: Alyssa is an attractive young lady with dance experience. Very out going, and knows how to have fun. Men, Couples and Duos Be sure to check out Our Duos Page

TatyanaAGE: 27HEIGHT: 5’6WEIGHT: 130 lbsSTATS: 36C 27 36HAIR: Shoulder length Brown and RedEYES: BrownNOTES: Tatyana is an attractive lady with dance experience. New to the area, but experienced. She knows how to have fun, and aims to please! GFE, and DUOS with Alyssa. Be sure to check out Our Duos Page

AGE: 20
WEIGHT: 120 lbs
STATS: 36C 27 33HAIR: Blonde
EYES: Gree
nNOTES: Vixen is an attractive young lady who enjoys what she does. Vixen is a True GFE, she entertains Men/Couples/DuosBe sure to check out Our Duos Page

AGE: 28
WEIGHT: 120 lbs
STATS: 36B 24 34
HAIR: Light Brown
EYES: Blue
NOTES: Amber is an attractive, intelligent, and very out going lady who is open minded and enjoys spending quality time with Men, and Couples. Time spent with Amber will definately be enjoyable.
Be sure to check out Our Duos Page

AGE: 27
WEIGHT: 130 lbs
STATS: 36B 24 34
HAIR: 36D 29 36
EYES: Hazel
NOTES: Jersey is an attractive lady with an irish background giving her a cinnamon flair, having curves in all the right places she is definitely a jewel. Jersey is new to the business, GFE will vary.
Be sure to check out Our Duos Page

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It’s Important To Remember That Even Your Worst Days Only Have 24 Hours

Alexander TagueAlexander Tague

Alexander Tague

I’ve had some really bad days — I’m sure we’ve all had our fair share. It’s the worst when your day starts off horribly, as it sets the mood for the remaining hours. I’ve had several days, even recently, that started with horrible news.

I’d wake up, sun hitting my face while I peeked out the window, I’d reach for my phone, read a few emails I wish I hadn’t, and then watch as the skies darkened, the remainder of my day clouded with a numbing haze. And all of that before my morning coffee.

Having bad days is a regular part of life. Luckily, there are two little facts that can help us get through those difficult and uncomfortable of days — without having to rely on unhealthy habits, such as drinking, drugs and hiding under your covers until the storm passes.

The first fact is this: It’s all in your head; bad is only bad if we choose to dub it as such. The second tidbit to keep your mind focused on is the fact that no matter how awful you may feel like your day is going, there’s only a finite number of hours until it’s over.

You only have 24 hours in a day, and as you sleep for at least a quarter of that time, you likely don’t have more than 16 hours of unpleasantness ahead of you.

The thing about problems is that they only really seem important the day they become apparent.

Sure, most will then stretch out the issue by focusing on it and running through different unpleasant scenarios in their heads until the problem is blown entirely out of proportion, but that’s a choice each individual makes him or herself.

A problem is only as big as you decide to let it be. In fact, a problem is only a problem if you see it as such.

A problem is really only a link in a chain of events. Where that link falls is up to you. It’s an occurrence stemming from a cause that then goes on to cause an effect of its own.

While you may not be able to prevent the problem from occurring, you can most definitely decide what follows.

You can decide that the problem is the last link in the chain and that the entire chain is broken, or you can decide to find the next appropriate link in the chain of events — a link that will allow you to continue progressing towards your original goal.

All of a sudden, you’ve managed to turn the problem you had into the cause for a solution. Sadly, most people are unable to see the events and problems in their lives in such a way.

It’s not because their problems are so large that they are overwhelmed by them — whatever your problems and issues are, there have been, continue to be and will be others who have bigger problems that they themselves manage to overcome and find the solution for.

What’s eating you up inside isn’t the problem itself, but your perspective on the problem and the fact that you are focusing on the problem instead of the solution.

There may only be 24 hours in a day, but spending the majority of them consciously focusing on your issues, your mistakes, your bad luck and your failings won’t do anything but guarantee further pain, further sadness and further failure.

It’s entirely up to you whether you have 24 hours of productivity a day or 24 hours of hell — you are the one who decides with every thought and every action.

Feeling discomfort when problems arise is not only natural, but necessary. That stress you feel when things go wrong is your mind telling you to get off your ass, calling you to take action and to change your circumstances.

This feeling can be overwhelming. And sometimes you need to dwell on that feeling for some time before you’re ready to take the necessary course of action. I’m here to tell you that you are only allowed one day.

If you want to bitch and moan, soak in your sorrow and misfortune, then please go right ahead and do so. You are allowed to wallow in your misery because every person has a right to do so when faced with potentially life-changing situations.

However, once you go to bed and wake up the following morning, your mind must be clear. Once you wake up, rested and refreshed, it’s time to move your focus off your problem(s) and onto the solution(s).

Changing your focus, above all else, eases your pain and worry. We worry about problems because we believe them to be just that: problems. But they aren’t.

They are solutions waiting to happen — but only if you make them happen. And making them happen won’t be possible if your focus remains on the issue instead of the necessary steps for change.

We’re all allowed to brood when life throws us unpleasantries. Yet, you don’t have a right to call it quits, to wallow in your misery for the rest of your life because you are going to cause even more damage.

Not just to yourself… but to all of those that could have likewise benefited from your accomplishments, from your greatness.

You have 24 hours in a day to accept your problem. Once the 25th hour hits, it’s time to get your hands dirty.

For More Of His Thoughts And Ramblings, Follow Paul Hudson On Twitter And Facebook.

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15 Outrageously Funny Group Face Swaps

If you’ve been on the Internet lately, you’re probably familiar with the amazing world of face swaps. Seeing your face copied and pasted onto another body is equally amusing and disturbing. Imagine the terrifying hilarity of a group face swap, where a single face is plastered across a photo of 20 people.

Charming, huh? Well, that’s debatable.

With these Photoshop creations, the duplicate face is zoomed in on various levels. The last picture is typically the final product and boy, it’s gloriously frightening.

So, here are 15 of the best group face swaps we’ve encountered on the web. We also included a few trolls. Can you figure out which ones they are?


Courtesy of Reddit, Jewdan


Courtesy of Imgur, askolsunburcu


Courtesy of Imgur, Jmckinney89


Courtesy of Imgur, iamyouraveragejoe


Courtesy of Imgur, bigdogneversleeps


Courtesy of Imgur, ataricom

Kid Swap

Courtesy of Imgur, drstrange780

Throw Up Swap

Courtesy of Imgur, Akenatyl


Courtesy of Imgur, Jewishua

Quite possibly the most creative one.
Outsmarting the Face Swap

Courtesy of Imgur, Imagar

Cartoon Swap

Courtesy of Imgur, IndeedGoodSir


Courtesy of Imgur, benji5isalive

cat swap

Courtesy of Imgur, ThatPrettyRaveGirl

Road Trip Swap

Courtesy of Imgur, concienned

Lamp Swap

Courtesy of Imgur, chinaso

Which face swap is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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‘Sick’: Son of Adrian Peterson beaten; Fantasy football tops minds of many!/tehinstigator/status/388694721104592896

According to numerous reports, a young son of Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson was severely beaten by a man the child’s mother had been seeing. The child is currently hospitalized and the suspect has been arrested.!/Shaughn_A/status/388692278459387904

That has been an outpouring of support for Peterson and his family, along with what to do with the man who allegedly beat Peterson’s son:!/DougFlutie/status/388741287299403776!/fletch_09/status/388694391189422080!/VasiliosDM/status/388694358935212032!/randomhero79/status/388694314080956416!/AmandaMRabon/status/388694326085025792

However, on the minds of many was the effect the horrible beating of a child would have on … fantasy football teams.!/jaredwsmith88/status/388706716394602496

There were many whose minds were first and foremost on fantasy football:!/JoeyDips/status/388709196813725697!/stallion_mode/status/388707704526876672!/The_Xavier93/status/388707085342351361

Well that’s, um, very kind.

More fantasy league concern:!/woeismeade/status/388704848965038080!/HessDustin/status/388704313167867904!/ConB1299/status/388701881553661952!/XquietSTORM08x/status/388698343389405184!/JackVandercar/status/388696244450627584!/Mody_Mac/status/388691620746375170!/StayTooned_/status/388687252273901568!/_Jenna_Kate37/status/388683178845937664

Is there a fantasy league that starts the season with a sensitivity training camp?!/cunninghamMJ_/status/388713545170300928

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with additional tweets


Heartbreaking news: Adrian Peterson’s son has died following brutal beating

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Your Facebook Friends Are Making You Fat, Broke


Maintaining close ties with your good friends on Facebook increases your self esteem — but also your waistline.

According to a study by researchers at Columbia Business School and University of Pittsburgh, that will be published in the Journal of Consumer Research in June 2013, keeping watch of your good friends’ activities on social media correlates to a higher body-mass index and higher levels of credit card debt. These close connections increase your self-esteem, thereby allowing you to let your guard down and temporarily lose self control.

“We found this in a variety of settings, ranging from healthy versus unhealthy food choices, to how long people persisted at a challenging task,” Andrew T. Stephen, an assistant professor and Katz Fellow at the University of Pittsburgh, and an author of this study, tells Mashable. “We also found broader evidence of this in two really important contexts where self control matters a lot: health and personal finances.”

Stephen adds, “Note that we found these relationships after controlling for a number of demographic and socio-economic factors that would also affect these things.”

The flip side of this problem is that Facebook shows to increase self-esteem for users who feel close to their “friends.” But it doesn’t take long for negative consequences to occur.

“What was really surprising to us was that in our studies these effects were found after just five minutes of browsing Facebook,” he said. “It seems that people don’t need to spend a lot of time to be psychologically affected.”

This research was conducted through five different studies.

Stephen said this news doesn’t mean you need to cut out Facebook from your life. Simply be aware of these potentially negative consequences and use your will power to adjust your actions after you visit your Facebook page.

“Being informed about these kinds of consequences, as surprising as they may be, can help us prevent ourselves from suffering them,” he said.

He also says this information is something policy makers should read — not to implement any kind of oversight or regulation — but to broaden the general knowledge of how social media impacts its users.

Do you eat more or spend more after you check out your Facebook page? Tell us in the comments.

Photo courtesy of iStockphoto, pearleye

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Unrevolutionary Scuba Mask

Unrevolutionary Scuba Mask

I saw a popular and highly upvoted gallery on imgur, and it bothered me.

It was about this:

Dubbed as a "great" advancement in technology, it claims, like the imgur gallery did, to allow humans to breathe underwater without an air tank.

People lie on the internet all the time, but the only thing that really bothers me is popular pseudoscience. This is pseudoscience.

As a physicist and certified diver who enjoys talking about science to the masses, I thought I would take some time to debunk this using concepts everybody can understand.

Unrevolutionary Scuba Mask

This is the ocean. The ocean has oxygen. I accessed the World Ocean Atlas's dissolved oxygen data to find out how much. About 0.21 mol O₂/m³. This is the oxygen we need to filter out.

Unrevolutionary Scuba Mask

This is a human*. (* actually, this is an Olympian. They are basically super humans.) Humans need air. Every time an adult one takes a breath, it breathes approximately 500 mL of air.

Unrevolutionary Scuba Mask

However, we don't have air. All we brought was this. Somebody thought that was a good idea. All of our air needs to come from this. Now, the deeper we go underwater, the higher the pressure is, and the more air we need to breathe in the same volume. Let's assume we're diving 10 meters (~32.8 feet) underwater. And no deeper, because things are only going to get worse from here.

Unrevolutionary Scuba Mask

This is the backup equipment you should bring if you want to try this device.

After doing some physics stuff, I found that for EVERY breath you take 10 meters underwater at 25 °C, we would need to filter the oxygen from 190.3 Liters of water (50.3 US Gallons) at 100% efficiency to take a breath. Now, one should note that you need significantly less oxygen than this per breath, but you still need to intake 500 mL of gas to avoid gasping for air.

Unrevolutionary Scuba Mask

A quick calculation determines that at slow, controlled breathing rates (12 breaths per minute), the device would need to filter 38 liters of water per second (10 US gallons per second) to meet our required air supply.

I hope you can appreciate just how much (and how fast) water (and everything swimming in it) would have to flow through your face for EVERY breath you take to be able to use this device when it operates at 100% efficiency.

Unrevolutionary Scuba Mask

Now, I would be a bad scientist if I didn't try as hard as I damned could to make this thing reasonable. So, I introduce the rebreather.

Rebreathers are devices that abuse the fact that one only uses a fraction of the oxygen breathed in per breath. Instead of exhaling your breath into the water, rebreathers absorb the exhaled carbon dioxide and store the remaining oxygen in a tank to be reused.

While rebreathers can significantly reduce the amount of oxygen our device would need to take in, after more math, I still found the rate at which the device would need to filter water to be wholly unrealistic.

Unrevolutionary Scuba Mask

This is not a thing, and will not be a thing. Perhaps even MORE damning to the concept than the reasons I have mentioned is the medical toxicity issues associated with breathing pure oxygen (these issues get exacerbated under water pressure!) However, I focused this exposé on the physical reasons this device is gloriously inconvenient. I encourage readers interested in the medical aspect to look up a study on breathing 100% oxygen.

I hope, if anything, you learned something. Don't take my word for it, learn the physics!

I created an account just to point out how ridiculous this is, and I will now always downvote pseudoscience.

If people enjoy it, I might debunk some other crap I see.

Misc. FAQ – wordy :

I don't own any cats or see any ass, so here's a picture of my lab. The thing in the top right is a muon (of cosmic ray origin) detector.

The big thing is called the El-Vacatron. It's named after a local Mexican restaurant. It makes radiation.

Unrevolutionary Scuba Mask

Sitting on the El Vacatron to the left is a hot air rework station. (For reworking solder joints or shrinking heat shrink) Somebody was using it and was lazy, so they set it on the El Vacatron. It wasn't me. OK, it was me.

Don't worry, that's a duck taped lead block in the bottom right over the hinge. It's safe.

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Justin Timberlake Just Released An Epic Video For ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling!’

Roughly 900 times per day every human on Earth wonders,

Where are all the music videos of adults dancing like babies?

Good question, humanity. The answer, of course, is Justin Timberlake’s new music video.

The song, CAN’T STOP THE FEELING! is technically the official song of DreamWorks’ upcoming animated film “Trolls,” but there are hardly any trolls in this video. Instead, there are a bunch of adults from different walks of life dancing like straight-up toddlers.

Also, Justin Timberlake eats a slice of pie in an empty diner. As though the concept of eating a blueberry pie while wearing a white suit wasn’t distractingly reckless enough, there’s also a BLTthat appears early in the video and is never seen again.

The song is catchy, and the dancing is cute, but you will find your mind wandering back to the BLT. Was it Justin’s BLT? When did he eat it? Did anyone — like a crew member or a camera man — eat it? Was it just wasted for the purposes of this video?


RIP, BLT, wherever you are now.

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9 Important Things To Do After You Lose Your Job


We Heart It

Last week, I was enjoying lunch on a patio with a friend on my day off. It was gorgeous outside; the world just felt right.

Two margaritas in, our lunch arrived and I received a call from my supervisor requesting my immediate presence at our office. I knew something was up, but I remained calm and assumed something imperative came up and he just needed my attention at the office.

To my surprise, our CEO and an HR employee awaited my arrival at our office, which meant HR had flown in from out of state. They sat me down and explained they had decided to close our office and move operations to our headquarters location.

Despite their efforts to deliver the blow thoughtfully and respectfully, it felt horrible.

At some point in life, most of us will experience losing a job. Fear of the unknown, worry, panic, waiting and rejection accompany the whirlwind of hysteria that comes with job loss. It can be a scary and chaotic period of time that cannot pass quickly enough.

Whether you are laid off or fired, the news more than often comes with no warning and tends to be quite shocking.

Regardless, it compromises your livelihood and the bills for which you are responsible to cover. So, should job loss ever ail you, here’s how to handle the path ahead:

Leave with integrity

When receiving the soul-crushing news that you’ve lost your job, it’s easy to lose your cool and let your emotions get the best of you. Every word following the initial blow will fade into the background and all you will be able to think about will be the lingering shock, anger and panic.

You may get upset and even feel the tears well up in your eyes. You may want to cry, but it is not the time or place. Refocus on what you are hearing, remain attentive and ask whatever you need in order to get closure and answers.

You will need a referral, should potential hiring managers call your past employers, and it’s best to leave with an admirable and professional impression. Bottom line: Wait until you’re out of the building to get emotional, then lose your sh*t properly, in private.

Pick your poison

Drive to the store and purchase your favorite type of liquor or wine. You’ll need a stiff drink while you attempt to process your day.

File for unemployment benefits, if you qualify

Now is not the time to make late payments on your bills and ruin your credit because you lack funds. If you qualify, you’ll want to apply for benefits immediately to ensure that you don’t make a crappy situation worse. You can do this online, in your pajamas, so at least there’s that.

Update your résumé and LinkedIn profile

This is crucial and should obviously happen as soon as possible. These are the basic tools you will need to fix your situation and get your life back in order.

Security and purpose are important in adulthood and fear of the unknown is a terrifying thing. Your résumé will essentially determine your interview and, therefore, job opportunities, too.

Reach out to loved ones

Love, understanding and support from friends and family will keep you sane and provide distractions. Take breaks and laugh when you can in order to keep from feeling like the walking dead.


It’s not ideal to need to repeatedly share your news and story, but putting out the general word will help, should anyone know of an open position. Circulate your résumé in order to let your network know you are seeking a new job.

Think positively

Whenever your mind wanders toward the treacherous territory of things that could go wrong, redirect your focus to what you need to do to make things go how you want. It does you no good to hit rock bottom or play the victim.


Search for companies located near your zip code and visit their careers pages to apply for jobs that pique your interest.

Keep your routines

Go to bed and wake up when you normally do. Don’t get lazy or ruin your existing routines, like working out, sleeping and eating. Maintaining those routines will keep you healthy and prevent your stress levels from doing further damage.

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Brooklyn Indie Rocker Shoots Three, Kills Self In Murder-Suicide

1. 29-year-old Ali Akbar Mohammadi Rafie allegedly murdered two members of the indie-rock group The Yellow Dogs and a third Iranian musician early Monday morning in the band’s Brooklyn apartment before turning the gun on himself and taking his own life.


A Facebook photo of the alleged gunman, Ali Akbar Mohammadi Rafie.

2. Rafie, a past acquaintance of The Yellow Dogs, had a falling out with the group and his former band, The Free Keys, due to a personal and musical differences, according to a statement from surviving members of The Yellow Dogs

3. The killing spree took place at 318 Maujer St. in an industrial-style residential building the band lived and practiced in, according to their Facebook page.

New York Post / Via

4. The Yellow Dogs’ struggle to play rock music in Iran was highlighted by CNN in 2009. They were also featured in the prize-winning 2009 film about underground rock in Iran, No One Knows About Persian Cats.

5. In February, The Yellow Dogs told Now This News that they left Iran on an artist visa and then received political asylum from the U.S. government. They believed that if they returned to Iran they might be killed.

View this embed ›

6. UPDATE: The Yellow Dogs’ publicist issued a statement Monday confirming the identities of the murdered victims and correcting earlier reports that the gunman was a former member of band.

The shooter was not a former member of the band The Yellow Dogs, he was in another band from Iran and the two groups were acquaintances in the past. A personal conflict between the guys resulted in the dissolution of their relationship in 2012. The shooting resulted in the death of two of the members of the Yellow Dogs, Sourosh Farazmand (guitarist) and Arash Farazmand (drummer), along with a friend of theirs, fellow musician and author Ali Eskandarian. The shooter died from a self inflicted bullet wound on site.

7. CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article identified the suspected gunman as Raefe Ahkbar based on a Wall St. Journal report.

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Talking Internet Gold With Creator of ‘Binders Full of Women’ Tumblr


Veronica De Souza was supposed to attend a concert during the presidential debate at Hofstra University on Tuesday night. She changed her mind last minute, figuring she had watched the first two debates, so she might as well watch the third.

Lucky us — and the Internet.

“I was just sitting on my couch, with my laptop on my lap, like always,” De Souza told Mashable. But when she heard Mitt Romney make a reference to “binders full of women,” she jumped into action.

“Somehow, the Tumblr name bindersfullofwomen was available, so I grabbed it right away.”

Why Tumblr? De Souza didn’t think of using a Facebook fan page, and thought Twitter would just be too difficult.

“It’s so easy to create a new Tumblr that is attached to your own. Creating a new Twitter account means you have to create a new email address…it’s more complicated. Also, with how fast Twitter was moving, it would be hard to break through.”

She quickly put together some images in Photoshop and uploaded them to her newly created Tumblr. “They’re horrible,” she joked. “So it’s pretty hilarious how they’re everywhere now.” Check out the first meme she created at the top of this post.

De Souza ensured submissions were enabled so people could help generate content, and then tweeted out the link for the first time.

What happened next, De Souza told Mashable, was “totally ridiculous.”

In the first half hour, De Souza’s little-blog-that-could amassed 3,000 followers. In thirty more minutes, it had broken 5,000. It now has more than double that figure.

Before she wrapped up for the night at 3 a.m. EST, she had pored over more than 1,000 user submissions, and woke up six hours later with 1,700 more to sift through.

“There were a lot of duplicates,” she told Mashable. “A lot of Lord of The Rings memes. And I got naked photos. But that’s the internet — there are a lot of weirdos out there.”

De Souza doesn’t run any of the Twitter accounts that were created about the meme last night, but they are using a good deal of her content. She seemed to take exception to it.

“It’s the internet,” De Souza told Mashable when asked about the content lifting. “This kind of thing happens.”

One of the hardest parts of the night was explaining her newfound Internet stardom to her mother. According to De Souza, the conversation went something like this:

MOTHER: “What do you mean, it’s a meme?”

DE SOUZA: “Mom, its this thing when a lot of people think its funny on the internet.”

MOTHER: “I don’t get it! Binders?”

Despite the meme’s origin, De Souza never meant for it to be politically driven.

“People keep asking me politically charged questions. Will it swing voters? Maybe the original statement, but not the meme.” De Souza said. “I didn’t mean it as a political statement – I just thought it was funny and I knew it would be a thing.”

A community manager and social media editor by trade, De Souza has used her moment in the spotlight to make a personal plea.

We don’t think it will take long.

The Shirk Report – Volume 283


Welcome to the Shirk Report where you will find the 25 funny images, 10 interesting articles and 5 entertaining videos from the last 7 days of sifting. Most images found on Reddit; articles from Twitter, RSS and email; videos come from everywhere. Any suggestions? Send a note to


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This is the greatest scratching post of all time
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Uh oh, rain! Better bust out my super expensive umbrella
Let me help you with that
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Keep it moving buddy
Don’t judge me
How to get perfectly shaped bushes
Trolling penguins
A tie for the 21st century
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Ping Pong Rally’s On
Slowly… slowwwwwly…. almost there
Only guys know about this bar’s secret
Holy Speedbumps Batman!
The iPad proved too much
One small step
Decent consolation I suppose
Best Yelp review ever?
Thank you for the conversion Reuters
To the rescue!


Buddha seems to bring tranquility to Oakland neighborhood
Steve Jobs Was a Low-Tech Parent
The Mathematics of Ebola Trigger Stark Warnings
Schizophrenia not a single disease but multiple genetically distinct disorders
Why Greenland’s “Dark Snow” Should Worry You
Pranking my roommate with targeted Facebook ads (thx for sharing Tennyson!)
Can Memories Be Implanted and then Removed?
Is this the world’s most radical president?
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Why I Hope to Die at 75

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